Golden Spike Trail

While I’ve always enjoyed walking as a form of exercise, most of that walking has been on city sidewalks. But last year, when I quit my job, I turned to Redwood Regional Park, just a 5-minute drive from my home. Here, during a difficult and exhausting period in my life, hiking these trails became a means of mental survival and healing, of becoming whole again. There was something about the time I spent in these beautiful forests that helped me find the space inside me that is calm, the wisdom of perspective, and the courage to face new challenges.

Since then, I have continued my hikes exploring this park, exploring nature and trying to understand how and why these woods and trails have had such powerful effects on me. These forests have become my teachers, and I am at their feet ready to hear their wisdom. I am nature’s novice.

This blog will detail my experiences on these trails, which will range from the practical and physical characteristics of a hike to the wisdom nature whispers to me when I am with her. I hope these entries inspire you to take your own journey on these trails and others on this big beautiful planet we are on. May you find the peace and wisdom being offered to us every day.

A Few Notes on Hiking Entries:

–Each hiking entry will have 2 to 3 sections.

SUMMARY will include some high level information on type of hike, terrain as well as trailhead, parking options, and length of hike in mileage and time.  The length of walk time will vary as I do like to take photos, stop and listen etc.  But I do try to provide a range, with the shorter end of range representing about a 20 minute mile average while the long end represents stopping to enjoy scenery (or catch your breath).

UNDERSTORY is a term used to describe everything growing under the canopy or upper layers of forest.  In this section, I describe my own personal growth as I experience it under the tutelage of the trees.

TRAIL NOTES provides a general overview of the hike and some insight on what you can expect to encounter on the trails.


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